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ET 2x3 is the best and exclusive 3D wood carving and sign making machine. Compact size of the machine gives more rigidity and The machine has been giving excellent results with the machine. Since the construction of this machine is made 100% suitable for 3D wood carving and sign making jobs, it is a great success in the market. Our special and rigid aluminum profile bed gives long lasting usage of T-slot clamping without damage. The motors and controls are European and Japanese origin and hence the accuracy is maximum with negligible backlash.


  • Whole structure is seamless welded steel structure, not easy to be deformed
  • Machine with compact size and more rigidity
  • Supplied with full set of industrial PC.
  • Easy maintenance since the accessibility of serviceable parts are simple
  • High speed, high precision
  • Rotary attachment can be available as option
  • Quick delivery time and 24/7 technical support
  • Movement of all axis can be done by ball screw as option

Technical Specifications:

Working area : 600mm X 900mm
Z-Axis : 200mm
Spindle : 2.2kW water cooled
Stepper motor : Japanese
Stepper drives : Italian
Table surface : aluminum T-slot
Maximum travelling speed : 70m/sec
Maximum working speed : 25m/sec
Rack and pinion : helical type
Gear transmission : Round orbit gear transmission
LM Guides : 20mm on all axis
Ball screw : backlash free hardened ball screw on Z axis screw on Z axis

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