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Router or Engraver

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ET 3020 PTN is the best and exclusive 3D wood carving machine with dozens of proven track record in the market. The machine has been giving excellent results with the machine. Since the construction of this machine is made 100% suitable for engineering jobs, it is a great success in the market. The machine is available with rotary attachment as an option. Our specialand rigid aluminum profile bed gives long lasting usage of T-slot clamping without damage. The motors and controls are European, Japanese and German origin and hence the accuracy is maximum with negligible backlash.

  • Especially for wood pattern works.
  • Heavy duty servo motors 750W to 1kW
  • High speed, very high precision.
  • Quick tool change
  • Supports Art CAM software and other file formats
  • Provided ER 30 collets with tool holder.
  • Heavy welded frame so it cannot be easily deformed.
  • Stand alone control panel with full set of industrial PC
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Economical price with export quality.
  • Monitoring of real time machining process.


Working size : 2000mm x 3000mm

Z-Axis : 600mm

Spindle : 12 kW HSD ATC spindle

Servo motor : German

Servo drives : German

Table surface : Phenolic material

Maximum travelling speed : 70m/sec

Maximum working speed : 25m/sec

Rack and pinion : helical type

Gear transmission : Planetary gear transmission

LM Guides : 30mm on all axis

Ball screw : backlash free hardened ball screw on Z axis

ISO Certificate