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  • What kind of technical support is available?

    We keep a stock of parts and the support is done either through phone or personal visit by our technicians.

  • What is the maximum table size available in case of CNC Router, Plasma, Laser OR Watejet machine?

    Since we are a manufacturer of machine, we have no such limitation. The machine can be tailor made within the design limits.

  • What is the difference between a Stepper driven Router and a Servo driven machine?

    A stepper driven machine is slow and less powerful hence economical but suitable for wood carving and related jobs. But a servo driven machine has more speed and torque which is a must for composite panel OR Aluminium jobs or non ferrous metal jobs.

  • What is the advantage of Auto Tool Changing (ATC) machines?

    ATC machines are equipped with a high speed tool changing which helps in the case of multiple wood works, composite panels grooving and cutting etc. It is not required in case of wood carving.

  • Is engraving or cutting of Aluminium possible with a router?

    Cutting of aluminium up to 25-30mm can be easily done with a router with Servo and a higher kW spindle BUT the right kind of coolant and tools must be used. We can provide technical support in this regard.

  • What are the different kinds of spindles motors available in Routers?

    We make use of 3kW Water cooled spindle to 7.5-10kW Air cooled ATC HSD Spindles in our machines. We can advise the right one for the customer

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