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CNC Plasma Cutting can be used for cutting MS plates up to 18mm, major application is in any steel metal fabrication factory. With a 100A plasma power source and a CNC programmed machine, customer can cut any shapes from the in built library OR use any shapes drawn since DXF import facilty is provided in the software. Auto THC OR Torch Height Control lifts the torch in the case of a bend in the MS sheet while cutting.

  • Fully numerically controlled machine
  • With THC Automatic Torch Height Control
  • External software for drawing and execution
  • Material holding grates for heavy metal sheets
  • Controller which can directly execute any CAD
  • Quick delivery time and 24/7 Technical support
  • Movable Z-axis for depth adjustments
  • Material shapes library included
  • High speed plasma cutting
  • IGBT Power Source with an un interrupted Plasma
  • Cut-off falling base support

Working area : 1220x2500mm

Cutting capacity : Up to 18mm MS

Plasma power source : 100Amps

Z-axis Clearance : 150mm

Table surface : MS Vertical mesh

ISO Certificate